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How Can You Show Your Support?

How can you, as a reader and lover of apocalyptic fiction, show your support?

Please consider leaving a rating/review, and/or share with others interested in the genre! Readers have no idea how helpful ratings/reviews are to authors, especially self-published authors. Reviews/ratings boost our book on their platforms, allowing us to be seen by more potential readers.

This community is full of stories set in universes apart from our own–universes faced with plague, catastrophe, little hope, less humanity, and lesser will to live–with characters forced to strive through horrific circumstances, no matter the consequences, if they want to not only survive but thrive. This community holds dear the effort to overcome weaknesses, to find your strength when you’ve felt like you’ve exhausted all resources, and to fight until the battle is won. This community welcomes infected of all types, characters of all of kinds, and cataclysmic events of all proportions.

When you join this community, you support the content you love; you support the content’s creator.

When the world falls, it doesn’t matter how. It’s who’s left to rebuild.

Joining this community means: We’re in this together.