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Short Fiction

Unraveled: When a sickness infects the world, Paul and his dog are left to endure the aftermath, locked away in Paul’s apartment. Living a simple life, Paul finds solace in the company of his next door neighbor. But when another healthy person shows up at his door, Paul’s simple life is unmasked, revealing an awful truth he refused to admit until it was too late.

Symbiosis: The Beginning: Dr. Phillip Shirley dedicated his work to ParaSymbio: genetically engineered parasites used as an alternative treatment for leukemia. However, when a mutation reverts the parasites to how nature intended, Phillip and his wife Brenda become trapped at Phillip’s place of work, cornered by coworkers now controlled by the once friendly symbionts. If Phillip and Brenda want to escape unscathed, Phillip must face the very things he created.

The Outlands: Jay, a reluctant Ranger surviving in a camp of orphans, walled off from the merciless dangers of a monster-infested forest, struggles to fight a battle of his own when forced to face his cowardice in a world where being afraid gets you, and others, killed.

Masquerade: An end-of-the-semester masquerade party takes a terrible, deadly turn, marking the once carefree night as a haunting experience nobody would forget, if they survive.