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The Collapse: Book 0

Many apocalyptic fictions reveal the aftermath.

My novella will show you the beginning.

Cover art by @cleysoncafe on Instagram

The Collapse follows the how of a viral outbreak, taking you on a heart-wrenching journey of familial love.

Karen Gallagher is a mother, a wife, and a scientist, and her past is catching up to her. As the world falls victim to a viral pandemic, Karen struggles to keep her daughter safe, forced to turn to the people who burned her all while harboring an awful secret.

Modern science is meant to progress humanity, and scientists dare to cross boundaries seemingly impassable, but when Anne White’s unethical and immoral experiment to cure the incurable goes awry and is shut down, Clinical Pathologist Frank Eastman secretly takes the project into his own hands, accidentally releasing a bioengineered chimera virus that not only spreads like wildfire and kills its victims, it reanimates them, turning them into voracious flesh-eating husks of their former selves.

Karen Gallagher only wants to do right by her family, and when horrible news and videos air of crazed people attacking others, her husband convinces her they have nothing to worry about, but what else is she supposed to think when a man who was shot multiple times gets up, unfazed by his wounds, to attack the officers who gunned him down? Karen knows all too well there’s more to this story, and her only goal now is to keep her seven-year-old daughter safe.

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